Double Rainbow

You ever see a rainbow? Sure you have. Most people have. If not an actual rainbow in the sky, then at least mostly everyone has seen one in a picture or on television.

Now have you ever seen a double rainbow? It’s a little less common. How about a double rainbow in the middle of the ocean?

LOUD. That’s how I would describe my work environment. I absolutely adore what I do, but LOUD is the perfect work to describe it. Today, I was in the middle of my work shift. I was surrounded by running, yelling, excited children and dozens of parents suffering from “vacation brain”. On this day I had answered a dozen different questions about where this activity is taking place and what time this show starting. I had directed ladies with squirming children to the nearest restroom. I had taken family photographs and held countless autograph books. As I’m walking down the hall, though, in the midst of all the “loud”, I stop and double take.

There out the window, I see a beautifully defined double rainbow, right in the middle of the ocean.  I stop, breathe, and smile.

That’s how I know God is real.


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