Life After: Ship

Working on a cruise ship is one of those truly unique experiences of life. Like studying abroad or working for the Peace Corps; It’s one of those things that enough people have experienced that you have someone to relate to, but that’s so different and unique that it’s still this random thing that seems completely elite. Working on a cruise ship becomes this new lifestyle, and when you think about your old, normal lifestyle, some sense of nostalgia is natural. There’s so many simple things that you miss and desire. And when I say simple things, I mean really simple. Things you don’t even think about in your everyday life, you find yourself longing for when you’re living in the middle of the ocean. Here’s a little insight, and a short list of some things I miss and/or can’t wait to return to when I rejoin the rest of the world shore-side. *disclaimer: this is in no way a statement of things I dislike about my employment; simply a reflection of things left behind* Continue reading