A Song. A Thought. A Checklist.

I want to…

✓ be chosen

✓ be a partner

✓ be a friend

✓ be supportive

✓ have support

✓ come home to love

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Ferguson is a Warzone

As I sit in front of my television, watching news coverage from Ferguson MO, I find myself at an absolute loss of words. Ferguson is a warzone. 

All the things I learned about in school about the civil rights movement is happening right now in front of my eyes. All the images of protests, militarized police, and fleeing African Americans that I’ve seen numerous times in history books and documentaries are now being recreated in real time on my television screen. It’s all so unreal, but unfortunately it’s very real. 

My emotions are flowing in so many different directions. Naturally, I’m angry. I’m mad as hell that a young black male was stripped of his right to live and no justice has been brought down on his behalf. I’m mad as hell that the judicial system that is supposed to be
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Ladies, 10 DIFFERENT Tips For A Happier Life

We’ve all read the articles describing how to find a happier and peaceful you. And we’ve all more than likely taken an internet test to discover whether we’re some light and carefree animal like a bird, or an angry animal like those screaming goats. They usual all say the same type of thing – To be happy look inside yourself and find your best you. (Huh?? Like seriously, what does that even mean???)This list is different, I swear! Here are 10 actual specific tips you can use to incorporate a little more happiness into your world. ..

1. CLEAN: Yep, clean. For many women, I know cleaning is one of those chores we wish had been left behind in the 20th Century. Seriously, though, cleaning (as unattractive as it may seem) can indeed bring happiness. There’s a saying – “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Whether or not you believe in God, having a clean atmosphere can bring about a sense of peace. When your living space is cluttered, there is a strong chance your mind is as well. Bringing about order to your personal environment can bring about order to your mind and spirit, and can be very therapeutic. Plus cleaning doesn’t have to be a complete drag. Make it fun! Have some stress you need to burn off?  Turn up the radio and rock out with your vacuum! Have an issue you know you need to sit down and sort out? Turn off your phone, the tv, and any distractions, and think about it as you wash the dishes. Clean out and organize your closets as you watch a marathon of your favorite tv show.  Sing and sweep. Gab on the phone with a good girlfriend as you dust… I know for many it may seem farfetched, but cleaning is a good thing. Plus, being dirty isn’t cute! So roll up those sleeves, ladies, and get to cleaning! 

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27 Things You Must Say Goodbye To At 27

Thought Catalog

Happy Endings: Seasons 1 & 2Happy Endings: Seasons 1 & 2

The day after my 27th birthday, I came to realize my life had changed immensely. Now officially in my “late 20s” and realizing everyone around me is a wife, a mom, or pretty damn close to it, I’ve had to say goodbye to a few things. Listen closely, and try not to be too depressed about it.

1. Everything bagels bathed in full fat cream cheese. It will immediately make your face fat. As a wise woman once said, eating a bagel is exactly like eating 7 pieces of bread…and I’m pretty sure that’s true.

2. Sure you can have a birthday but it’s only a day now. Not a week. Or a month. Ain’t nobody got time for your birth week.

3. Taking vacations “just because.” Kiss adventurous traveling goodbye at 27. The next few years are chock full of weddings and every…

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