A Song. A Thought. A Checklist.

I want to…

✓ be chosen

✓ be a partner

✓ be a friend

✓ be supportive

✓ have support

✓ come home to love

✓ say I miss you unafraid

✓ hug

✓ be loved full time

✓ pray together

✓ share the little things


✓ share the major things

✓ know I always have someone

✓ be loved the way I love

✓ meet my match

✓ learn together

✓ kiss

✓ never again have to walk on eggshells

✓ laugh hard

✓ leave disappointments behind

✓ trust

✓ trust love

✓ trust myself

✓ believe in love

✓ feel beautiful, even when I’m not

✓ travel

✓ fall in love with my best friend

✓ have a best friend

✓ smile more

✓ be happy more than sad

✓ take walks

✓ fall in love with the same person over and over again

✓ have passion

✓ share my thoughts

✓ make dinners

✓ share wine

✓ play cards

✓ be secure in love…

Don’t you?


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