Millions are sitting…

Millions are sitting up worried about Kanye antics, RHOA, and screaming for the legalization of marijuana. Meanwhile, we’re living in a nation where white supremacy still reigns, and our country believes our lives are good for nothing more than target practice. So the next time you stans are arguing over Beyonce’s “greatness”, think about the fact that this nation sees her as “shuck and jive” entertainment. The next time you stand in line for sneakers, instead choose to rally up and stand in line for the next local election.  Unless it’s your occupation, spend less time studying sports statistics, fashion blogs, and you tube videos, and spend more time studying the Bible and this country’s race-specific laws. Though we all try to stay blind to the fact, THIS is a nation Divided,  and the cost of that division is young black lives. Our sons are being wiped out, and the ones not being murdered are being thrown behind bars. The black male is not perfect, nor is he always 100% blameless. However, the black male is a HUMAN BEING, just like the white male, the red male, the yellow male, etc, and his LIFE should be RESPECTED as such.
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[FERGUSON FORWARD] ‘I’ve Spent More Time In Jail Than Darren Wilson’ – News & Views – EBONY

Young people, this is OUR fight!  It’s time for us to take up the banner and continue to demand equality and justice that our parents and grandparents demanded before us.  Read Alexis Templeton’s story of her fight for justice…

S.O.S Peace Rally TODAY


Hey Baltimore!!! Listen young people, we are the voice of change! Older folks, you are the guidance from the past! It’s time we all come together to make some noise for our young people!!! Save Our Sons is a campaign for life. Save Our Sons is an effort to ensure that our young black lives are valued and respected! We, as people of color, have been comfortable for far too long. It’s time to demand justice, equality, and peace for our people. Join the Kappa Xi chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity Inc. for a day of peace at Morgan State University TODAY!

What’s The Difference? The Justice Question

Surfing the web….


… I came across this picture. Beneath it were thousands of comments stating that the only difference was the fact that Trayvon Martin was a young black male and Marley Lion was a young white male.  My stomach churned as I read thousands of people’s comments that Trayvon’s death was given “preferential treatment” because of his race. I got angry as I read the numerous comments stating that Marley Lion deserved the same publicity, rallying, and outcry Trayvon Martin received.  My response? Trayvon Martin deserved the same JUSTICE that Marley Lion received. Point. Blank. And the PERIOD.
The photo asks “what’s the difference?” So let’s do Elizabeth O’Neil (the creator of the photo) a favor and answer her question.

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24 Things We Unexpectedly Become Obsessed With In Our Late 20s

Numbers 5 and 9 are like the Tagline to my life right now!

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1. Food prep
You know you’ve plopped directly into your late 20s when someone’s Instagram’d picture of a week’s worth of food prep for real makes you envious.

2. Local, organic vegetables
What is our late 20s if not a never-ending montage of us going to Farmer’s Markets, then chopping up an endless supply of vegetables and packing them into tupperware that we then organize into our refrigerators all before noon?

3. Owning a Vitamix
One day, we all collectively woke up and thought, “You know what my life needs more of? Something that can both pulverize produce and make hummus!” Sure, we spent the $600 on it, use it only for green smoothies we could have made in a normal, much cheaper blender, but there’s the promise of soups… hummus… almond butter… and just knowing we have an appliance that can give us those things…

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