Millions are sitting…

Millions are sitting up worried about Kanye antics, RHOA, and screaming for the legalization of marijuana. Meanwhile, we’re living in a nation where white supremacy still reigns, and our country believes our lives are good for nothing more than target practice. So the next time you stans are arguing over Beyonce’s “greatness”, think about the fact that this nation sees her as “shuck and jive” entertainment. The next time you stand in line for sneakers, instead choose to rally up and stand in line for the next local election.  Unless it’s your occupation, spend less time studying sports statistics, fashion blogs, and you tube videos, and spend more time studying the Bible and this country’s race-specific laws. Though we all try to stay blind to the fact, THIS is a nation Divided,  and the cost of that division is young black lives. Our sons are being wiped out, and the ones not being murdered are being thrown behind bars. The black male is not perfect, nor is he always 100% blameless. However, the black male is a HUMAN BEING, just like the white male, the red male, the yellow male, etc, and his LIFE should be RESPECTED as such.
– onelifespoken


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