A Love Letter

To the future:

I promise to love you.
I promise to tell you I love you.
I promise to nurture you.
I promise to protect you to the best of my abilities from danger, stress, and heartbreak.
I promise to not consider your life an accessory to my own, but to respect and honor that this life is your life.
I promise to celebrate your achievements and discipline your wrongdoings.
I promise to provide you an education outside of the classroom involving good music, art, travel, religion.
I promise to support your goals.
I promise to give you the space to grow into your own.
I promise to put you first.
I promise comfort when life gets hard.
I promise soothing when things get scary.
I promise to provide you a stable home with ample necessities.
I promise to instill in you self love and self worth.
I promise communication.
I promise to shield you for as long as I can from the struggle life.
I promise you a life past 18years.
I promise you will learn to swim.
I promise laughter.
I promise your siblings.
I promise to read with you.
I promise to sing with you.
I promise to listen when you speak.
I promise to hear you when I listen.
I promise to be an example of selflessness.
I promise to consider my life an open book for you to read and learn from.
I promise open communication.
I promise to strive to help make your life more expansive, more exhilarating, more fulfilling than my own.
I promise that structure will be a part of your life.
I promise the love of God will be apart of your life.
I promise you an extended family of aunts, uncles, teachers, neighbors, and mentors to love with, to laugh with, and to guide you throughout your life.

I love you from a place so deep within me that the depths of my love are uncharted waters.
I consider your future existence a current blessing pushing me to be my greatest me for me now, so that I can be my greatest me for you later.
I think of you in all that I do.
I live for you now and always…



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