I see.I see God all over.

I see in conversation.

I see in music.

I see in vulnerability.

I see in laughter.

I see in the dark; in the quiet moments before sleep washes over.

I see in friendships that bloomed in unlikely circumstances.

I see in the moon and stars.

I see over good food and good drinks.

I see in good food.

I see in breezes flowing over summer heat.

I see in forehead kisses and fist bumps and hugs and inside jokes.

I see in sweat.

I see in efforts.

I see in pounds lost.

I see in stability.

I see in instability.

I see in oceans blue.

I see in butterfly wings.

I see in bills paid.

I see in budgets made.

I see in birthday presents and holidays.

I see in compassion.

I see in support.

I see in considerations.

I see in time past.

I see in lessons learned the hard way.

I see in dimples and freckles.

I see in appreciation.

I see in relaxation.

I see in skill.

I see in talent.

I see in change.

I see in rehabilitation.

I see in words written, spoken, and shared.

I see in sunlight in the morning, eerie bright light of the moon in the night, and in the streaking of falling stars in the sky.

I see in forgiveness and love.

I see in understanding.

I see in knowledge and teaching and learning.

I see in the green grass and blue waters and white clouds.

I see in the story never ending. To be continued…


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