simply love

I’m in love with me.
After fully falling in love with all of me, I fell in love with she.
She caught me by surprise; never something I intended. Her beauty initially caught my eye. And then the wrinkle of her nose when she smiles real hard caught my heartstrings and began to play sweet tunes telling of the inner beauty she held within. The words she spoke, less than eloquently, but intelligently and with sincerity caught my mind. The confidence and truth in her words, often replying in my head, caught my respect. And respect led to trust. And then I found myself in trust, and then I found myself on a free fall, all in, without hesitation. In this I learned something new. When the fall is right, and when the fall is good, you never quite reach the “fell”. The falling in love is a continuous experience that can, and did with she, happen over and over again. Getting butterflies still at the ringing of my phone. Smiling involuntarily at the sound of her laughter. Every new discovery of her mind, persona, aura, causes me to simply fall again as if for the very first time.

I fell in love with me completely, and then enters she…

And a brand new chapter in the book of my life began. This “she” shifted my atmosphere, forcing me to take an even more detailed look at me, which set in motion the cycle of me loving me again and again continuously. It at times is scary seeing myself in light anew, and to know I’m just beginning a new adventure with possibilities varying endlessly. But it’s ok to house this nervous excitement, because I have the love of she that’s actually grounded, rooted, and enhanced by my sincere, simple love of me.

Yea, I’m loving me, and now I’m loving she.
Honeymoon “perfections” all said and done. New car smell slowly fading away. The anxiety and charge of fresh happenings, melting into warm comforts of familiarity. And reality sets in. Disagreements commence. The process of revealing one’s own and learning the other’s faults begin. Learning to fight fair begins. And I’m sure I love her more now than I did in the “begins”. Each tiff providing understanding. The pause forcing reflection which taught the benefits and necessity of complete honesty. The communication, though tense and emotionally charged at times, building and establishing a stronger connection. Still fresh. Still new. Still young, but moving towards something real. Not perfection. Neither of us are, but I simply love her still.

I’m in love with me. I fell in love with me completely. Yea, I’m loving me. This love; more than enough. So loving her is simply a beautiful plus.
I’m in love with wonderful me.
I’m in love with amazing she.
I’m in love with remarkable we.


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