Breakup Ideas!!


You’ve recently gone through a breakup. It’s all still very fresh. You still feel sadness, you still have to will yourself through parts of the day, and you have a thousand thoughts of your ex and your broken relationship running through your head constantly. What do you do about it? How about using the emotions you’re trapped in at this moment to build a better you.

1. “Breakup Workout Plan

Want to Text: 5 push-ups
Want to Check her FB/Insta/Twitter: 10 squats
Sad-Butterflies in Stomach Feeling: 10 sit-ups
Sick Stomach Feeling: 15 jumping Jacks
Want to Share a Moment: share with my best friend instead, 45 sec plank
Stuck in Deep Thought: 10 triceps dips, 30 sec wall sit, 10 lunges
Actually Did One of the “Wants”: ALL THE ABOVE

You obviously tailor-make your workout to your own personal breakup woes, but doing something constructive will be good for your body and be a good distraction.

There, of course, will be times when exercising won’t be an option. Continue reading


To thine OWN self be true

Ya know, sometimes you have to do what’s best for you, even when it’s hard. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you wish the situation would just handle itself. Sometimes, you have to put your big boy/big girl pants on and handle life.

This is one of those times.

I’ve learned a lot over the years. I’ve learned a lot about my own naivety. I’ve learned a lot about my own awesomeness. I’ve learned a lot about how people will treat you; mostly that it’s dependent upon how you allow them to. But FINALLY, I’ve learned to take care of me first.

It took me a while, and a few really stupid mistakes to get this through my head, but finally I get it. Finally I really am so secure in my love of self that I value myself as the rarity that I am. Finally, I’m loving me enough to do what’s right for me.

The situation may suck, but what a lovely opportunity to give myself some love. Yea, I’m gonna be alright….


31 December 2015 10:03pm

One who thinks you’re beautiful when you know you’re definitely not.
One who is proud of you for simply being yourself.
One who turns frustration into laughter and overthinking into smiles.
One who makes it easy to express how you really feel.
One who is patient.
One who is honest, whether that honesty be easy or hard to hear.
One who will push you to be a better you.
One who appreciates all the things about you that you didn’t even realise were worth appreciating.
One who is grateful for past lessons, happy with the moments of now, and excited about the future…with you.
One who apologises with sincerity.
One who is kind.
One who lets you know when you need to apologise.
One who holds you when you have a bad dream. Continue reading

Dear Sir. Dear Miss.

dear sir,
you met a woman. you fell in love. real love. true love. She’s the one.
Maybe you’re just beginning and you haven’t realised it yet, but you know you’re captivated by her. Her beauty is unmatched in your eyes. The dimples in her smile never fail to make you smile yourself. The conversations that go on for hours, always leave you wanting more. You want to learn all there is to learn about her and her mind. the way her mind works has the ability to leave you speechless at times. And sometimes, she’s all you can think about. It’s fresh; it’s new; it’s different than anything and anyone before her. She amazes you daily… Continue reading