31 December 2015 10:03pm

One who thinks you’re beautiful when you know you’re definitely not.
One who is proud of you for simply being yourself.
One who turns frustration into laughter and overthinking into smiles.
One who makes it easy to express how you really feel.
One who is patient.
One who is honest, whether that honesty be easy or hard to hear.
One who will push you to be a better you.
One who appreciates all the things about you that you didn’t even realise were worth appreciating.
One who is grateful for past lessons, happy with the moments of now, and excited about the future…with you.
One who apologises with sincerity.
One who is kind.
One who lets you know when you need to apologise.
One who holds you when you have a bad dream.
One who cares for you when you’re ill.
One who knows when you’re secretly stressing.
One who can break an argument with laughter.
One who makes you coffee in the morning and a cocktail at night.
One who trusts you with their entire self.
One who is fun to be around.
One who gets excited to kiss you under the mistletoe.
One you can sit and talk to about everything and nothing.
One you can sit and enjoy silence with.
One you have adventures with!
One you can work with and play with.
One who shares in critical thinking with you.
One who will travel with you.
One who will try new foods with you.
One who will learn something new with you.
One who is not rude.
One who sees successes in you that you don’t yet see in yourself.
One who doesn’t simply love you, but actually likes you too.
One you like too.
One who’ll help you prep for your big meeting, audience, interview, etc…
One who listens and hears.
One who’ll tell you when you’ve got a boogie in your nose or food in your teeth.
One who will defend you.
One who will face the world with you.
One who is focused.
One who genuinely wants you to succeed in life, with or without them.
One who genuinely wants you to be happy in life, with or without them.
One who inspires you.
One who makes you blush.
One you fall for over and over again.
One who’ll pass you toilet paper when you find yourself stuck without.
One who’ll wear matching holiday outfits with you.
One who knows how you take your tea, how you take your coffee, and how you take your water.
One who is not envious.
One who understands and appreciates compromise.
One who has goals.
One who will remind you what’s really important during those moments you forget.
One who recognises the full worth of the little things.
One who plans with you.
One who fantasises with you.
One who will laugh with you when your hearts are full of delight.
One who gives freely and accepts when given to.
One who can teach you things.
One who wants to learn from you.
One you trust.
One who can easily make this list go on and on and on….

I think I found one.


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