Breakup Ideas!!


You’ve recently gone through a breakup. It’s all still very fresh. You still feel sadness, you still have to will yourself through parts of the day, and you have a thousand thoughts of your ex and your broken relationship running through your head constantly. What do you do about it? How about using the emotions you’re trapped in at this moment to build a better you.

1. “Breakup Workout Plan

Want to Text: 5 push-ups
Want to Check her FB/Insta/Twitter: 10 squats
Sad-Butterflies in Stomach Feeling: 10 sit-ups
Sick Stomach Feeling: 15 jumping Jacks
Want to Share a Moment: share with my best friend instead, 45 sec plank
Stuck in Deep Thought: 10 triceps dips, 30 sec wall sit, 10 lunges
Actually Did One of the “Wants”: ALL THE ABOVE

You obviously tailor-make your workout to your own personal breakup woes, but doing something constructive will be good for your body and be a good distraction.

There, of course, will be times when exercising won’t be an option. Say you’re in the grocery store and you see your ex’s favourite chewing gum, which of course stirs up feelings for you. Or maybe you’re driving and a song that reminds you of the relationship comes on the radio. Surely you can’t stop in the middle of the snack aisle, or pull over on the side of the road to do your BreakUp Workout, right?

2. My next idea: in those moments divert your attention away from the thing dragging you towards negativity and sadness. Get away from that snack aisle. Change the radio station. A major key through moving through those initial days and weeks after a breakup, is distraction. That’s the whole point of the Breakup Workout! So shift your thoughts in a more positive direction: “If I were still with my ex, I’d be buying this jumbo pack of Extra chewing gum because she likes it.” —> “Extra chewing gum… Do I have everything on my shopping list? Let’s see if Pinterest has any recipes that I want to try and need more ingredients for!” It won’t always be easy to shift your thoughts away from your ex, but sometimes just trying to think of something else to think about will be distraction enough.

Finally, 3. Never wallow in your sadness, and never forget how awesome you are. Thinking positively about YOURSELF will shift your mood from sadness to empowered. I know it may seem like an “easier said than done” type thing, but even the tiniest compliment you give to yourself can help to erase some of the sadness you’re feeling over your breakup. If you’ve never fallen in love with yourself, take this opportunity to do so. If you’re not sure if you’ve felt that “falling in love” emotion for yourself, take this opportunity to reach for it fully. Compliment yourself OFTEN. Use the extra time you would have spent with your mate to try a new hobby with yourself. Make positive promises to yourself, and keep your promises. Go out on dates WITH YOURSELF. Commit to learning something new … about yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever part you played in your breakup, and then consider that a lesson learned.

Alrighty folks, these are my breakup ideas. I’m currently dealing with a breakup so I’ll definitely be trying these ideas out myself. If you’re going through a breakup or know someone who is going through a breakup, try these ideas yourself and share them.
**BIG HUG to all the broken hearts out there**

Yours in Self Love,


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