Feel It?


Do you feel it?

Something’s changing.
Something’s coming.
It caught me off guard.
I was indeed expecting a shift, changes, a plethora of new experiences…
but I was expecting the changes I had planned, or rather had planned for me.
I didn’t recognize that the usurping of my plans was actually the beginning of “something”.

Something is changing.
Something is just beginning.
Something…is coming.
It caught me so off guard and I fought it at first, and rejected it, and it made me cry.
Silly me. Holding on to a precursor that was never intended to be a main event
I almost missed the shift in the wind. Almost didn’t notice the breeze change direction.

I hear a faint tune in the distance; coming closer.
I see the blue of the early morning turning to grey turning to day; sun’s coming.

Something is just beginning
Silly me, not feeling the spring of magic’s impending arrival.
I can already feel the energy of the approaching new day.
Something is coming.

I can feel it.


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