I write to purge.
Writing gives me an outlet to say the words my lips dare not touch.
I write to release. I write so that I can be my own sounding board; so that the page can be a set of ears to listen to my thoughts.
I write to calm the storms that swirl and explode in my mind and in my spirit. To sift through all the many jumbled up and confused emotions inside of me, and to bring order and peace to my psyche.
I write as a way to hug myself when I’m lonely and to encourage myself when it’s only me.
I write to dialogue with the spirit of my God, and the spirits of those who came before me, and with the spirits of my present sisters worldwide.
I write to purge.

And then I share.

I’ve been told I advertise my emotions. I’ve been frowned upon for keeping it real and factual and open. It’s been suggested of me to keep “me” behind closed doors. Thanks for the sound advice. I humbly decline.

I share because someone has to. There are broken hearts and weary spirits everywhere, everyday. Someone must encourage them.
Sometimes, one may need a reminder of the beauties of life. Someone must share the beauty.
There are people winning small, unnoticed battles everyday. Someone must celebrate them.
There are those who feel as if the struggle they are faced with is insurmountable and that they have no where to turn for help. Someone must let them know they are not alone; someone has lived through and survived before them.

I share because you never know when someone won’t mention it, but needs you to.


2 thoughts on “Why

  1. you do help others when you share! this is too beautiful!!!! I love what you wrote! Ive read some other blog posts I wish you would share about how you learned to love yourself! I struggle with that! Thanks for your words they’ve Inspired me!

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