Let’s Talk

Let’s talk about beauty.

Sure, beauty can be defined by body shape, skin complexion, hair texture.
Beauty can come to life in vibrant colored eyes.
It can be enhanced by make up, accessories, well fitting clothes.
Beauty can be lips, legs, arms, hands, and waistlines.
I’ve seen and appreciated lots of beauty.

Do you know what else is beautiful?
Smiles. Smiles emit an aura of light.
Laughter is the most natural and beautiful musical notes.
Encouragement from strangers is beautiful. A person doesn’t know you, but still decides to invest a moment of their time in you.
Conversation with elders. Wisdom is one of the most precious gifts granted us by those who came before us.
Watching small babies grow into small children who grow into young adults who will eventually become the people running the world.
Don’t get me started on how beautiful nature is…
All alone, colors of nature often bring me to pause.
The simplicity of green grass looking up at blue sky amid the oranges and reds and browns and purples of trees and flowers and animals.
The swirling together of two or three different shades of teal all in one ocean is beauty.

However, what I think may be the most beautiful thing of all is self acceptance and self affection.
Looking inside of yourself and liking what you see.
Not just liking, but being proud of who you are, what you believe in, and how you live.
Yes, self love is rooted in self acceptance.
and self love is beautiful.
Looking at oneself in the mirror and taking note of what physically makes one unique… and cherishing it.
Looking at one’s spirit and taking note of what makes one their own… and cherishing it.
Noting one’s talents and exploring them and nurturing them and grooming them.
Planting a small seed of respect and admiration for oneself, watering it with meditation and affection, showering it with sun rays of positivity, and watching it grow into…
Beautifully Self-Appreciated You.

Yea…there’s beauty there.
There’s God there.
Take a minute. Let’s talk about beauty.
Talk to yourself about beauty.


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