You haunt my dreams. The sound of your voice. That sparkle in your eyes. The way you move as if the world is your stage and we’re all background players.
I hate it.
I hate you.
You haunt my dreams and cause me to feel bloody red rage whenever I hear your name – Tiffany… and you don’t even know it. You’re just living your life; floating in your own world and you don’t even realize you crushed mine. Did I ever once cross your mind?
I hate you.
You’re young. You’re free. You’re living and you’re getting yours. You have no idea that, even still, you haunt my dreams. You’re always there. Smiling. Flaunting what you took. Having not a shred of remorse.
I hate you.
You smiled in my face, laughed at my jokes, fed me compliments, engaged in conversation all the while plotting. Oh, you’re a sneaky whore. Yea I heard. You wanted mine to be yours. I knew. But still I never thought you’d follow through.
You took my love.
Did my lover give you butterflies?
Did my friend hold you close?
Did my sweet place sweetness on your lips?
I wonder, was it easy being a bitch?
Was it easy being a whore?
I’ve met you; you seem like the type that’s done dirty before.
I hate you.
You literally and continuously appear in my dreams. Laughing at my naivety. Laughing at how easy she was; because I am sure she was easy. Laughing at how my world fell apart and I ended up filled with rage, but you were able to have a little fun and then run home to your boyfriend when you were done.
I wonder if he knows. I’m tempted to find out…
I hope you’re enjoying life.
I hope you’re continuing to have your fun.
But really, I hope our paths meet so I can wreck you. Just once.
Karma will eventually come, and sometimes I hope it comes with my fist. But when it’s time to pay that debt I hope, for just a moment, you remember all of this. I hope my face pops into your mind. I hope you remember me when someone knocks the crap out of your spirit. I hope you remember me when someone tosses you aside. I hope you remember me when you have to answer for your bullshit and lies.
Though I’m in such a fantastic place, I see I’ve got anger still in me, aimed all towards you. And although happiness is seeping from my pores, sometimes thoughts still linger. Then I realize they’re all thoughts of you. I’ve mentally dealt with my past love, but I always ignore you.
I guess I’ll have to learn to move past my anger with you.
I got over my ex; you, I’ll forget one day.
I suspect it won’t be a quick fix; so if you see me coming I suggest you turn the other way.


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