Let’s Talk

Let’s talk about beauty.

Sure, beauty can be defined by body shape, skin complexion, hair texture.
Beauty can come to life in vibrant colored eyes.
It can be enhanced by make up, accessories, well fitting clothes.
Beauty can be lips, legs, arms, hands, and waistlines.
I’ve seen and appreciated lots of beauty.

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It’s Date Night


I had plans for this weekend. Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and I had plans. Plans starting with this show I’m getting dressed to go and see…
I’ve showered. I’m putting on makeup and listening to grooves; singing to distract myself from…plans. And it works for awhile. Then I reach for lipstick. Not my lipstick. I forgot I had this lipstick. I put it on. It’s your lipstick.
But now I’m late, cuz I’ve been staring in the mirror for ten minutes looking at your lipstick on my lips. I’m suppose to be out the door. I quickly dress, one more quick look in the mirror, and I’m headed to my car. Destination, DC. Continue reading

Breakup Ideas!!


You’ve recently gone through a breakup. It’s all still very fresh. You still feel sadness, you still have to will yourself through parts of the day, and you have a thousand thoughts of your ex and your broken relationship running through your head constantly. What do you do about it? How about using the emotions you’re trapped in at this moment to build a better you.

1. “Breakup Workout Plan

Want to Text: 5 push-ups
Want to Check her FB/Insta/Twitter: 10 squats
Sad-Butterflies in Stomach Feeling: 10 sit-ups
Sick Stomach Feeling: 15 jumping Jacks
Want to Share a Moment: share with my best friend instead, 45 sec plank
Stuck in Deep Thought: 10 triceps dips, 30 sec wall sit, 10 lunges
Actually Did One of the “Wants”: ALL THE ABOVE

You obviously tailor-make your workout to your own personal breakup woes, but doing something constructive will be good for your body and be a good distraction.

There, of course, will be times when exercising won’t be an option. Continue reading