My Intentions…

This wasn’t my intent.
This wasn’t what I intended.

I’ve said all the cliché words to myself that I’m suppose to say:
I’m better off without her.
I’m better off without her selfishness.
I deserve to be given the same effort I put in.
I never lied; I deserve honesty.
I gave more than she’d actually earned.
Somewhere, someday… I’ll meet my match effortlessly.
I’m a very rare catch.

I was even honest and said to myself the things few people will admit: Continue reading




I thank God for hearing when I call.
I thank God for listening when I speak.
I thank God for answering the questions I ask, whether I like the answer or not.
I thank God for clarity in situations that onced troubled me.
I thank God for growth.
I thank God for giving me the wisdom to hear Him speak.
I thank God for the relationship that leads me to seek Him.
I thank God for showing me my faults, my flaws, and my wrongdoings.
I thank God for giving me a desire to be better.
I thank God for the epiphanies of life.

I’ve been struggling with sadness and grief and anger. Continue reading

And the moral of the story is….

The moment you realize you’ve been doing it wrong this entire time…

For a few of months, I’ve been trying to fall out of love. I unexpectedly fell head over heels in love with a woman whom I never even wanted to like, and then she broke my heart. Since then, every day my goal is to make it through the day and somehow magically love her less and less until one day I realize I no longer love her at all.

That’s how it’s been with my exes. I grieve the loss of them for a while and then one day it just hits me; I’m over them. The “love” is gone, I move on, and never even think about looking back. So I’ve been waiting on the “never looking back” part this entire time.

However, there’s one key difference between my other exes and this one. Continue reading

I’ve been avoiding this…



I’ve been avoiding writing. I’ve been inclined to write but have purposely decided countless times to distract myself instead. I didn’t want to write, because I didn’t want to write about my heartbreak and I didn’t want anyone to know I was still heartbroken. Then I read my last post and it seemed hypocritical of me not to write. So this is what came out…. Continue reading

Ladies, 10 DIFFERENT Tips For A Happier Life

We’ve all read the articles describing how to find a happier and peaceful you. And we’ve all more than likely taken an internet test to discover whether we’re some light and carefree animal like a bird, or an angry animal like those screaming goats. They usual all say the same type of thing – To be happy look inside yourself and find your best you. (Huh?? Like seriously, what does that even mean???)This list is different, I swear! Here are 10 actual specific tips you can use to incorporate a little more happiness into your world. ..

1. CLEAN: Yep, clean. For many women, I know cleaning is one of those chores we wish had been left behind in the 20th Century. Seriously, though, cleaning (as unattractive as it may seem) can indeed bring happiness. There’s a saying – “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Whether or not you believe in God, having a clean atmosphere can bring about a sense of peace. When your living space is cluttered, there is a strong chance your mind is as well. Bringing about order to your personal environment can bring about order to your mind and spirit, and can be very therapeutic. Plus cleaning doesn’t have to be a complete drag. Make it fun! Have some stress you need to burn off?  Turn up the radio and rock out with your vacuum! Have an issue you know you need to sit down and sort out? Turn off your phone, the tv, and any distractions, and think about it as you wash the dishes. Clean out and organize your closets as you watch a marathon of your favorite tv show.  Sing and sweep. Gab on the phone with a good girlfriend as you dust… I know for many it may seem farfetched, but cleaning is a good thing. Plus, being dirty isn’t cute! So roll up those sleeves, ladies, and get to cleaning! 

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